Before You Appoint SJA as your designer

Whether you’re considering a full home renovation or just some internal alterations, it’s important to plan ahead. Planning ahead provides the best route to ensuring your project stays to budget and delivers a result with which you are happy.

Consider these seven tips before the start of design on your project:

1. Scope – What is it that you want to achieve from your project? Be clear in your mind on what you would like to achieve, and the brief for the designer. This reduces redesign costs.

2. How will you be using the new space? –Really consider what you will be using the space for and how. Consider furniture requirements, technology, future use.  

3. Budget –Make sure you have a realistic budget and a way to finance your project. Always have a contingency!

4. End Goal – A build project is not easy. There will be tough and emotional times throughout the journey! What do you want the space to look and feel like? Consider mood boards. Pinterest and other similar online apps are great scrap book collector tools and can really help a designer understand your aspirations.

5. Timeline – Projects are often a once in a lifetime opportunity. A home redesign takes time. Have a realistic timescale in mind and allow time for project development. Consider holiday times, demolition and potential for temporary housing for you and the family during the build.

6. Storage – Consider storage of your belongings through the build.Depending on the extent of the works this could mean off-site storage, which is additional cost and energy in packing and organising! Also, in every house there is rarely enough storage! Always try to consider where additional storage can be positioned. Another part of the brief for your designer. 

7. Future Proofing –Consider your next steps in life…… Will there be more of you in the future, or less if you have older children. Consider this and relate back to your end goal….. Is the project for the short term or is it for the long term?

Appoint SJA! And get your project started. 

Do phone us and speak to a member of the SJA team today on 020 7228 8522 to discuss the possibilities for your home!

At SJA we are passionate about home design and we’d be delighted to talk further with you on this or on any specific aspect of your project. 

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