Party Wall – what is it?

When notifiable party wall works are completed, in most cases we’d recommend you contact us straight away to speak with neighbours and see if they have any concerns of damage to their property. For instance if your project involves inserting beams into the party wall, once this work is done, get in touch!  

We’d recommend you and your builders keep in close contact with neighbours through the build and make sure concerns are dealt with.

If your neighbours raise concerns with you or your builder during the project that there may be damage to their property please log this with a photo and send this to us.

We don’t in most cases need to wait until the project is completely finished to sign off on party wall process. However there are some exceptions; for instance with work involving basements where there is underpinning of party walls. With this work we’d recommend waiting 6 months. We’ll inform you if we think there’s an exception.

If you have any queries on the right time through the project do get in touch.

At SJA we are passionate about home renovation projects and we’d be delighted to talk further with you on this or on any specific aspect of your project. 

Get in touch on  Or call us on 0207 228 8522

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