Considering Sustainability During Construction

Following the design process, builder selection, materials and specification… there comes a time when construction will actually start!

In some cases, you may not be living in your home while the works happen, but in others you may choose to live in.

Either way, starting the build in the right way can help with the environmental impact of such works.  Talk to your builder about some of the following, it could also save you some money….  

Tips for saving energy and water during construction


  • Switching off equipment and tools when they are not being used.
  • If using temporary generators, can their use and size be limited appropriately.
  • If temporary lights are being used, can these be energy efficient lights.
  • Can the heating be switched off in rooms which are open to the elements.
  • Can works be planned to avoid the need for assisted drying out. 


  • No taps left running.
  • Use trigger guns on hoses to control the use of water.
  • Materials
  • Controlled ordering, just what is needed, to avoid over ordering and waste.
  • Packaging – consider recycling the packaging that materials arrive in, where possible.
  • Where are the materials being delivered from.  Consider distance of travel, can one supplier provide a number of items, programming and timing to limit deliveries.


In London, there is often not enough space for one skip, let alone a number of skips for different types of waste.  If only one skip can be used, then the waste contractor can separate the waste offsite instead.

All these small actions above require just that little extra thought by you and your contractors, but they have a huge overall effect on the environment and can also provide financial savings in energy use and material costs.  

At SJA we are passionate about this extra thought and consideration and we’d be delighted to talk further with you on this or on any specific aspect of your project. 

Get in touch on  Or call us on 0207 228 8522 #dontmoveimprove #savethestampduty #spenditonyourhomeinstead 

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