Why SJA?

Deciding to undertake a home renovation project is not for the faint-hearted and it is not without risk. It is hard to know where to start and who to trust.  It is difficult to escape the number of horror stories from people who have put their trust in rogue companies.
 At SJA our focus differs from other advisors in three key ways, which ultimately seek to reduce your risk and optimise your project result.
 1 – ONE STOP SHOP. We specialise in providing all of the professional services you will need for your house project. We focus on the design, refurbishment, preservation and extension of homes. By appointing SJA as your professional advisor you’ll be investing in the best advice and a highly experienced team, with architects, structural engineers, party wall surveyors and cost consultants all on hand. We work as a team, so your project is coordinated and considered at all stages. By taking this approach we ensure that things run as smoothly as possible and we are as efficient as possible.
 2 – WORK TOGETHER. We specialise in a holistic and altruistic approach to our processes through which we seek to create happy communities. After all – we all have neighbours! No one we know particularly likes living near a building site. So consideration of this is a top priority. We put a conscious focus on altruism at the centre of all we do, and our observation is that this approach is to the benefit of you and all your counterparts; your neighbours, your builder, your community, your insurers, and even your mortgage lender!
 3 – OPTIMISING YOUR BUDGET FOR YOUR GRAND DESIGN. None of us have an open cheque book when it comes to a building project. We have been in your shoes and the business we have is born out of our collective experiences. Our vast experience over the past 6 years since setting up SJA provides a wealth of knowledge. Our team care, and having all worked on large commercial projects in other practices before we set up SJA, we specialise in optimising your budget. This includes streamlining our own service to fit your needs, after all its likely you will only do this once, so it needs to be right and your money needs to go a long way. By working as a team from the outset, we are able to add value on any scale of project. We are solutions led for your GRAND DESIGN!

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